Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tie-One-On-Athon 2012 'Brief Recap'

Here's a few pictures of the Southern Culture on the Fly ,Tie-One-On-Athon 2012.

#20 Midges I tied using recycled 'headphone wire and insulation'

Pink 'Headphone' insulation.

Red 'Headphone' wire midge.

Project Healing Waters member tying some fishy looking streamer patterns.

Josh Garris " Great guide, fly tyer, and person in general."

Where great flies are born :)

Forrest rocking the vice making the bugs that get the fish.

Awesome Sculpin Pattern (Nice)

Randy Ratlif tying and teaching those how to make some awesome pattern. I learned some stuff. That's usual when I watch Randy at the bench. Great guy.

Thanks folks at SCOF for inviting me to participate and hangout. Project Healing Water is a great cause that attracts some awesome people as participants and volunteers. It was a honor to be involved.

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