Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Really simple Crawfish

I saw this in American Angler. They fish these for smallies on a western river. I was wonder if you all thought they might work around the south east?

Here's my take of the fly. Chartreuse Caboose and Crawdad Candy

Hook: 6 Nymph 2x
Antenna: Silly Legs
Eyes: Small dumbbell eye
Body: Chenille
Hackle: Streamer hackle to match the chenille

Not exactly a Trash Fly. The chenille in the chartreuse one came from a un name big box store that starts with a W.


  1. thats simple and interesting. Might have to tie some of these up

  2. I like it-simplicity with some legs maybe?

  3. closer examination noted rubber legs..must open eyes..LOL

  4. I am hoping for some more time this coming week to put this pattern thru it's paces on the local small mouth river.