Monday, February 13, 2012

Thin wire between a good midge and a great one.

Midges for those of you that are not familiar are the non-blood sucker cousin to a mosquito. They are very similar in appearances. They are found around the south eastern US in small streams to the grand trail-waters. In the tail-waters they can be counted on to catch fish year round. In the smaller streams a midge larvae can do a wonder on fish in the colder months of winter. It is a pattern worth learning to tie.

A lot of folks fear the midge larvae. This fear is not necessary, it is a easy pattern and one that can be tied with or with out the Trash Fly component. You know I went with the Trash Fly twist :)

 Tic-Tac bead tamer courtesy of my friend Overbrook

 Pringles lid hook keeper salvaged from a co-workers waste basket.

Hook: #18 Up-turned eye scud hook
Bead: Small brass
Thread: 8/0 Olive
Tail: two strands of flash
Rib: Salvaged wire strand from a communication cable.

Thread the hook with the bead already on it. Build the body up. Tie in strands for the tail and tip of the thin wire rib. Palmer the rib forward. Build a head behind the bead of thread. Coat the body in super glue, lacquer, or similar product.

Dedicated to my son. I love you.

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