Friday, June 3, 2011

Dragonfly Dry Prototype

The idea behind this pattern was a need for a good dragonfly pattern to fool largemouth bass. Ideal time is in the mid day sun when dragonfly are airborne over local ponds here in the summer. These bass can be very picky and are looking for that right  Silhouette on the water.

Another consideration was is the fly going to be a massive time consumer to tie and a heart breaker to loose to a tree or monster fish.

The final consideration is will this fly twist the leader to the point at which it becomes a tangled mess. This has come from some previous experimentation. Above is the prototype of  a culmination of suggestions and ideas.

 Craft-store item for the tail extension.

Pre shaped foam spider bodies. This could be substituted for a variety of close cell foam products such as pipe insulation and craft store art supplies.

I used a Kink Shank hook because I feel it works better with foam materials.

The wings were a challenge to keep from twisting the leader every cast. I remember seeing an old balsa popper that was done with mono loop wings and thought hummmm.


  1. very cool idea...let us all know how it works out...

  2. Pat so far it has been a success with the bass on the farm pond. Caught several decent fish. They start actively chasing the natural the patterns get fish :)