Monday, February 6, 2012

Wire from trash to Trash Flies

Started some long over due cleaning at work today. Got into a cabinet for a class I probably haven't taught in 13 years. Lots of stuff I am going to donate to other folks and a lot of stuff that just falls into the category of trash. I noticed the partial rolls of wire pictured above. I ask and nobody really wanted that sort of stuff. I guess they figured they were just relocating my garbage to their areas :)

Well that wire looked like maybe something that could be used for a fly pattern or two. Below is where I went with it. All tied on scud hooks.

Thread the hook prior to attaching the salvaged wire.

Wing cases were made from the chip bag picture.

Under wing made from royal blue poly yarn.

Feedback welcome. Be glad to hear from you.

Dedicate to my son. I love you.


  1. love those wire bugs! the pink ones in particular, would do well with grayling.