Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dubbing dispenser on the cheap

OK. You have sunken further than some in the realm of fly tying than you likely want admit. Your making your own dubbing correct? Blending fur and fiber or lord knows what. You want to use your bounty but you haven't a good way to store or dispense it at the vise. Well here's your answer.
Simply get a small beaders container at the craft sore or 'Wal Mart'. Costs $1.75 per.
Drill a hole in the bottom of each cell. Drill to size that suits you. Maybe 1/4"?
Load her up and to the bench you go. Simple as that.

Dedicate to my son. I love you.


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  2. I did this awhile back for my dubbing that was stuck in the small plastic packages that they came in. Now I have these cheap and functional containers for all my dubbing. Mark the container with a Sharpie that labels the type of dubbing it is: Seal, Nymphs, MyBlend, Antron, Rabbit, etc. Thanks for putting this out there for everybody, Brad. Hello to Bailey!