Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Trash Fly 2012

This is a story good friends, grape fruits, soft peppermint candy, recycling, and ofcourse 'trash flies'. Every year just before Christmas break my neighboring teachers in the Agriculture course have a big citrus fruit sale. The money goes to help the students travel to activities. It is a very successful enterprise. This year was no exception. The whole departments section of the build smelled like a giant fruit salad or a citrus grove.

Grape fruit, soft peppermint candy, and
one of several bags of flash materials.

As the fruit arrived this year I walked through their shop and notice something really odd about the boxes. The citrus was packed in a holographic tensile material. My eyes lite up. There boxes of 'flash material' that would likely wind up in the trash bit. This could not happen. I spoke to the teacher and made arrangements for the fruit free boxes to be brought to my area. Imediately I started to get the holograph gold out and put it into bag. Then I noticed something weird in the tinsle the distributor had packed soft peppermint candies. Truly one my favorites. So as I collected the 'trash' I also pocked a lot of candy. This was ' a sweet deal' pardon the pun.

Hook: #2 streamer
Bottom wing: White craft fur
Top wing: Chartreuse craft fur
Flash: Recycle packing materials from citrus fruit boxes
Weight: Med. dumb bell eye
Thread: Black 8/0
Glue: Brush on crazy glue

#2 Streamer Hook

Coat the hook shank with headcement or super glues. Wrap with thread and tie a mound as a stop for the dumb bell eye.

 Tie in the dumb bell eye figure 8 style and the wrap to lock. Add a bit of glue here as well.
Tie in a clump of wing materials.

Add the flash materials between the top and bottom wings.

 The finished fly with the piece of flash material adding the lateral line as well as a bit of scale flash seem in baitfish in the water.

The above pattern is know world wide and made famous by it's creator Bob Clouser
To find detailed tying videos of the orginal pattern and some great variation visit YouTube.

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Dedicated to my son. I love you.