Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY - CDC Tool

Here's the store bought version. It works really well in my opinion.

 Recommend you buy one if you are not inclined to make one. Here is how to make one if you want.

Three T-Pins bound together with heavy tying thread. Coat thread with epoxy or super glue. In preliminary test it work just like the store bought version.

Dedicated to my son. I Love You.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Yarn Woolly Bugger

#10 2x Nymph Hook

10 wrap of lead

the rest is yarn.

Dedicated toMy Son. I Love You

Tip: Flash Materials

In the next town over they open a $1 Tree store. Now I have been in them other places and have found some cool fly tying materials on the cheap. (Repurpose :) ) On this occassion the had packs of colored plastic tensile/grass. One pack was pearl It is the same stuff you use from the shops for wingcases, lateral lines, underbodies, and you get the idea. A dollar buys a lot of the stuff.