Thursday, May 7, 2015

Secondary pattern to reclaim the waste.

Okay I was tying some Woolly Buggers. Was able to get three per hackle. After a few I notice a little pile of short tips developing on the bench. Now we do not waste at Trashflies! So what to do?

After a sip and a slouch in my tying chair I remembered a conversation I was having with one of my students about local and regional flies. And one of those to the Appalachian Mountains here in Western north Carolina the Palmer.  A very basic but oh so effective pattern.

The Palmer is simply:
Hook: #18 Dry Fly Hook
Thread: 14/0 Olive
Dubbed body: PMD Yellow Fine and Dry
Hackle: Olive dyed Grizzly tip

Thread the hook.
Dub the body.
Tie in hackle.
Palmer wrap hackle. 
Tie down.
Whip finish.
Catch lots of fish :)

Yes it does have two cones. Experiment :)

Dedicated to my son. I Love You.

Furled Leaders Question Answer

Several folks have ask me about making furled leaders. I would like to provide you with th website I got all my information from. LINK

Great resource. Thanks

Mike McGuire