Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wrap It Up Nympth by Guest Tyer Joshua Garris

Josh Garris the featured fly tyer this article. Josh is a very skilled tyer as well as a accomplished fly fishing guide. Josh can be found at Curtis Wright Outfitters. I really appreciate his contribution to the Trash Flies blog.

Hook: Tiemco 3761 sz 14

Thread: Brown Uni 8/0

Abdomen: Brown Ostrich Herl

Thorax: Brn/Tan Ostrich Herl

Wing Case: Wrapping Paper

Rib: Copper x-small

Bead: Multi Hue Brass

Hackle: Starling

Tail: Pheasant Tail

1.Slide on bead and anchor thread.

2.Tie in Pheasant tail for the tail. Allow the tail to extend 1/3 of the hook shank off the back.

3.Tie in copper wiring for the rib.

4.Cut a 1" x 3" section of the wrapping paper. Fold the paper in half length wise (3") and press crease. Repeat the process again and tie in paper right above tail.

5.Tie in 2 brown Ostrich Herl tips forward (toward the eye of hook). Wrap back to the end of the hook.

6.Twist the 2 ostrich Herls together for added durability and wrap forward . Brush fibers back before the next wrap for a fuller body. Wrap forward until 1/3 of hook is exposed and tie off material and clip

7.Pull up wrapping paper and pull tight. Tie off. Rib up the fly leaving even spacing between each wrap. Make to make wraps firm to show of segmentation. Tie off wire.

8. Tie in 1 brown and 1 tan ostrich herl.

9.Twist Herls together and wrap forward to right behind the bead and tie off.

10.Tie in Starling feather and wrap around collar of fly right behind bead. Brush fibers back with each turn of hackle. Tie off and trim excess.

11.Pull up wing case and tie off. Clip excess material and whip finish!
      Dedicated to my son. I love you.


  1. Interesting pattern, and good use of leftover wrapping paper. Good color nymph characteristics. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome Trash Fly pattern. Great use of the recycled material. Thanks Josh for the contribution to the site.

  3. Thanks guys for the kind words. Anytime Brad!!