Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bar B Que and Stonefly Nymphs

Okay I was watching TV and thinking about this week's article. Nothing was really jumping out. Noticed a bag of chips I had just finished and a light came on. The background of the design at first glance was gray or black. Neat plastic bag as well. Reminded me of the material flash like products are made of.  Only difference is that the flash is cut into fine strips. That's not really that hard to do with a sharp pair of scissors.

 So all these ideas made it to the tying bench. 

Hook: #12 Nymph 2x
Tail: Biots
Weight: Brass bead and fine lead wire
Abdomen Shell: Strip cut from a bag of Bar B Que flavor potato chips.
Rib: Fine gold wire
Wing-case: Nymph stretch black.
Thorax: Peacock hurl

 Stoneflies are found deep in the stream in their nymph stage and are usually big so a 2x nymph hook seemed more appropriate.

Biots make the best stonefly tails I have found.

 Fine gold wire and the chip bag strip are both tied in. This particular chip bag I used has fine dots in the color to create the illusion of gray. Those dots make for a fine molted appearance.

Dub the abdomen with a dark nymph dubbing. Pull the chip bag material forward and tie down. Palmer forward the gold rib. Tie in the wing-case material. Wrap the thorax with peacock hurl. Pull the wing-case material forward and tie down.

Stoneflies are a big food source for trout as well as warm water species like small mouth bass here in the south eastern US. Probably similar situations in the rest of the US and world in general.

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