Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fashion vs Fly Tying

What has the world come to? Woman are using all the really good quality dry fly hackle to make their hair 'pretty'. This has from all accounts made the availability dry up (pardon the pun) What to do? This has made dry fly tying seem like the act of attaching $1 to a hook big time. Now I know fly tying costs. That sort of why I started this site and blog. To show ways to recycle and replace materials.

I have been pondering this problem on this rainy evening. I really don't have a Trash Fly that can replace a Catskill pattern. The small streams demand a high floating and buoyant fly. It needs to match a hatch. Mayfly that is.

What material works as well? Where can this be found? Where?

I looked through my recycled stuff and bulk scavenged naturals. What would work and what do I have a bunch of?

Mountain deer hair.

People use to make hackle collars out of deer hair.

Friends give me full skins in deer season.

 I'm going to give it a try!

I'll tie a few and post some test results later.

I may be the only one bothered but I'm sure this has hit home with some of the rest of you out there. What do you think on this?

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