Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fish for February 2010

Yesterdays trip to the Laurel was about disappointing. Trouter and I threw everything that should have or could have caught a trout. Nothing. Good water, clear, reasonable flow, and dead as crap. Didn't spook a fish. I was disappointed.

Well today was another chance and a different stream. Took the family. Little boy wanted to go to the park. That was a priority :)

Got there about mid afternoon. Nobody was fishing. Still quite a bit of snow and ice on the trail. Air had warmed up to the upper 50's.

Started out by watching the water. Saw a very few mayflies coming off. Went with a dry and dropper.

Fished a couple of pools with nothing. Finally one more pools and riffle and this guy rose on the dry.

Caught several more along the same tact. Nothing on the dropper. Tried a bugger back thru some of the dead pools. Still dead.

Caught enough fish to keep it interesting ;) I personally needed it. Little boy enjoyed the park with momma :)

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