Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bling Bass Popper

 Bling Bass Popper

Hook: #6 Kink Shank
Body: Sheet Craft Foam
Eye: Stick on eye
Tail: Krystal Flash
Hackle: Grizzly die Green
Color: Black Sharpie

The idea came from a visit to Michel's Craft Store. Saw these textured sheets of sparkly closed cell foam.

Took a # 6 kink shank popper hook. Threaded it back to the hook point. Built up a body with a piece of white craft foam closed cell. Cut a piece of the sparkly green to fix around the white center build up. Mind leave the self stick backing on till the piece is cut to size. Coat the white with a glue such as brush on super glue. Peel the backing off. Place and hold briefly.

Place stick on eyes.

Coat the body and eye with a UV cure product.

 Finish dressing the fly with tail and hackle.

Written and photographed by Brad Sprinkle
Special Assistance from Trashflies intern Bailey Sprinkle

Dedicated to my son Bailey. I love you.