Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Herb Scissors Can Spice Up the Tying Bench

Herb Scissor
The other day while on a 'Picking' adventure to the local yard sales, flea market, and thrift shop I came across a pair of these curious scissors. My first time seeing a pair. I ask a price just for the curiosity. Fifty cents later I had them in my treasure back pack. I originally thought them for a crafting application. A little internet research later I found what they were really designed for. Good to know, but you know me that wasn't where they would end up ;) 
Herb Scissors
They will cut closed cell foam as in the pictures. So here's what I think they will be good for: indicator strips, small terrestrials, 'strike indicators', and any thing else a small uniform piece of foam is needed for. Cut quickly and fairly precisely through the material.

They also cut well through Mylar, holographic sheets, potato chip bags, and similar materials.

I believe I got my two bit worth. Hope this helps someone on their tying journey. As always tell what you think in some feedback comments. Good idea or bad? Where else could it go?

Dedicated to my son. I love you.

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