Friday, September 2, 2011

Headphone Wire Midge #22

Hook: #22 Scud
Bead: Small Tunsten
Thread: Blk 8/0
Body: Rd Headphone wire

I have been tying and writing about using 'headphone' wire in flies for awhile now. It's a great material because it is made of many tiny strands. This weekend I am planning a trip to the local tail-water and midges often are the fly of choice. The fish's choice that is. So I am thinking about midges. Also just realized I didn't have a article together for the blog. So here's a small 'Trash Fly' for your consideration. Trash Flies don't just have to big creations.

The wire is tied in as a normal midge to the shank. Wrap it back and secure. Leave the thread tail to wrap back over the wire for a rib. Whip finish and coat with head cement, lacquer, or super glue.

Looking forward to testing this pattern out on some 'midge eating' brown trout.

As always feel free to comment. Your thoughts are appreciated.

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