Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick trip before the next storm

The kids were okay today all things considered. It passed pretty painlessly. As I waited for 3:30 to roll around. Given my recent luck with the weather it would probably start pouring the snow. Luckily it didn't :)

Made my way to the river. The air temp was in the mid 30's. Warm by recent standards. There was a lot of snow everywhere and some 'daddy rabbit' icicles hanging from the cliffs. Not much ice on the river after two sort of warming days.

Rigged up two flies under a small indicator and followed JT's advice of 'mo lead' got down and drifted the deep pools and plunges. After many casts the indicator stopped and darted side ways. Nice little rainbow. Ate the top fly (un beaded mayfly nymph) :) I really needed that. Fished on and cast a lot for one more fish. LDR and that was okay :)

Fished about an hour and a half. Two fish, no lost flies, no injuries or no screwed up gear. It has been since early December since I had been. Nice afternoon all in all.

60% chance of snow or freezing rain tonight :cry:

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