Saturday, December 11, 2010

After School Special

It was my last chance to fishing before the weather blows all to crap. :shock:
I took my cold weather gear with me to school and changed after school in my office (locking the door of course). It is kinda odd that my students don't think that black fleece pants with stirrups are strange. :?
I made it to the river. The air temp was 33* Got my waders on and got in the water as quick as I could. There was still a lot of snow around the river and many icicles hanging off the rock faces.
I started fishing the most likely looking run with a dry BWO. After many casts with no response, I switched over to a pair of midges under an indicator. Couple of drifts with this rig and I hooked up on a nice rainbow. It wasn't a fish for every cast but there were quite a few takers along the way.
I midged every pool and run that I could until I realized the light was gone.
When I got back to the Jeep, the air temp was down to 28* I know that y'all who steelhead fish this isn't very cold. But this was my first truly cold trip of the winter. I have a feeling, given the impending weather :evil: , that I might not get back out for a while.

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