Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rainbow Warrior with iridescent Christmas tensile.

Hook: #16 Scud
Bead: Brass or Tungsten
Tail: Hackle scrap (Tan)
Underbody: Red thread
Overbody: Iridescent Christmas tensile
Wingcase: Pheasant tale (webby part)
Collar: UV Dubbing white

Tying video and story of the patterns origins.

Around Christmas and Easter this stuff is in abundance. Afterwards it seems to go to the waste bin. Just say no to the useless waste of awesome, free, tying materials. Makes good over-bodies. Also great wing-case covers. I say save it. In the featured fly the Rainbow Warrior it is some powerful stuff. If you are apprehensive of the Trash Fly ways you need to remember that free is pretty cheap :) Also your already looked at by non tyers a weird so grab the gold when you can.

The rainbow warrior is a awesome trout pattern. I fished it in 'technical' tail-waters as well as easier streams. Produces like a champ.

Dedicated to my son Bailey. Love you.

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