Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cheap Stripper

 This pattern is in response to some really acrobatic large mouth bass on the farm pond. I have made several attempts at adult dragon flies. This one has been the most effect. The material are repurposed and easily accessible. It a compilation of many great tiers efforts with foam, extended bodies, and wings. I put several great ideas together. Didn't really invent anything just learned from some really great folks. Married their talent to mine for the use of cheap stuff or often free (trash). Feel free to put your finger print on it if you tie some. Bass surly do love dragonflies :)
The working name is tongue and cheek of some the greats in the tying world and their sick since of humor with the naming of flies. Remember a 'Cheap Stripper' is best on the pole :)
Hook: #6 Kink Shank
Body: Craft store Foam
Wings: Spinner Bait Skirt Materials
The tail is tied with using a technique of tying over your Bodkin or a large needle.
I make the head big and blunt to push a lot of water on the retrieve. 
The wings are a new twist I am trying after watching the following video on YouTube. This also is a awesome looking pattern worth trying.

Dedicated to my son. I Love you.

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