Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baitfish fly scraps get a second chance to be useful.

Here's a recycling tip that you can do and never leave the tying bench. Enrico Puglisi has come up with some wonderful fly patterns, materials, and techniques. I tried my hand at some for a trip to the salty end of North Carolina.

I was pretty pleased with the fly and how well it fished. Great baitfish pattern for sure. My only complaint was the amout of wasted material from trimming and sculpting the shape. The material just seem to mound up and scream at me 'don't throw me away'. Now it doesn't take a lot of prompting to get me to save material. My friends refer to my trash bag as a holding bin instead of a trash container.

So I bagged it up and stuck it away. It's rolled around to sulfur season and Comparaduns are the focus on the bench.  I don't tie my mayflies with adult tails but more often tie them with a 'tailing shuck'. Tied a few with poly yarn and remembered that scrap from earlier in the summer.

EP fiber and similar products I have found out from tying and subsequent fishing make excellent trailing shucks. So I strongly suggest that you save those fibers.

I am planning on chopping some up and adding to some home blended dubbing. 


  1. Great flies.....yellow, orange wonderful colors on small streams.

  2. Thank you. That pattern has done really well for me over the years.