Saturday, March 23, 2013

Streamer Thought

Thinking about a Slump Buster (Great pattern thanks John Barr) and saw some guys online had added beads to different streamers. This in a size #10. The beads to give a lot of color to a wider flat profile.

What do you all think? Reply and speak your mind :)

Dedicated to my son. I love you.


  1. Glass Beads, Beadhead Nymph type beads, or, Tungsten Beads? Surely, not Tungsten, but, just curious.

    1. I am thinking of both color and weight. So probably in one form or another all you mentioned. Probably combinations. It stated from the glass bead caddis pupae and how the colors were so vibrant in the streams. Even on low light days. Getting that idea to 'piggy back' onto streamers seemed good.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Bradford. I will look forward to a report on the finished product.