Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Strike Indicator made with Dollar tree and dentist materials

I was looking at strike indicators with a open mind. Again.

Strike indicators get a lot of thought and press through out the sport. There are so many styles available. You probably have your favorite. or favorite for different waters and conditions. Well I have mine. They have come from a variety of factors such as water speed, clarity, and fishing pressure. aka technical waters. I use a white 1/2" foam ball on clear or tail-water fish. Looks like a bubble and seems to not spook them.

On rivers and less technical those little white balls can be hard to see or pick out from the bubbles. You'll go blind trying to find them.

Been looking at these.

Serious Anglers Rastaman Strike Indicators
as seen on

So knowing I like to make stuff myself. Here's a idea that has developed from  my research as well as just some go old Trash Fly hunting and tinkering.

Materials List

Dollar Tree: Foam sheets. (really thin) Really thin. $1.00
Rubber band from braces. (New ie un used) Around $1 per 100 ct.
Orthodontic Elastic Rubber Bands
Tying thread and super glue.


Take the foam and make 6 cuts about 2". Up to you for length. Make six thin strips. That makes 12 after folded.

Step 2
Slip a rubber band from braces, In the middle.

Step 3
Fold. Wrap with thread above the band. Tye or simply add a drop of superglue.

Testing it so on a couple of different bodies of water and situations.

This is a cheap one and pretty quick to make.

Prototype and test item

Dedicated to Bailey. I love you.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rainbow Warrior with iridescent Christmas tensile.

Hook: #16 Scud
Bead: Brass or Tungsten
Tail: Hackle scrap (Tan)
Underbody: Red thread
Overbody: Iridescent Christmas tensile
Wingcase: Pheasant tale (webby part)
Collar: UV Dubbing white

Tying video and story of the patterns origins.

Around Christmas and Easter this stuff is in abundance. Afterwards it seems to go to the waste bin. Just say no to the useless waste of awesome, free, tying materials. Makes good over-bodies. Also great wing-case covers. I say save it. In the featured fly the Rainbow Warrior it is some powerful stuff. If you are apprehensive of the Trash Fly ways you need to remember that free is pretty cheap :) Also your already looked at by non tyers a weird so grab the gold when you can.

The rainbow warrior is a awesome trout pattern. I fished it in 'technical' tail-waters as well as easier streams. Produces like a champ.

Dedicated to my son Bailey. Love you.

Friday, September 2, 2016


Scud hook

Go catch fish.
Steps and details to come.

Easy is easy.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Popper and Spook

I have been trapped inside due to some rough weather and tight schedules. The idea of poppers and top water flies makes me long for warmer days.

Here's what I have been doing to stay off the cold.

Balsam Wood Popper #10

Spook Fly #2

Dedicated to my son, Bailey. I love you.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bling Bass Popper

 Bling Bass Popper

Hook: #6 Kink Shank
Body: Sheet Craft Foam
Eye: Stick on eye
Tail: Krystal Flash
Hackle: Grizzly die Green
Color: Black Sharpie

The idea came from a visit to Michel's Craft Store. Saw these textured sheets of sparkly closed cell foam.

Took a # 6 kink shank popper hook. Threaded it back to the hook point. Built up a body with a piece of white craft foam closed cell. Cut a piece of the sparkly green to fix around the white center build up. Mind leave the self stick backing on till the piece is cut to size. Coat the white with a glue such as brush on super glue. Peel the backing off. Place and hold briefly.

Place stick on eyes.

Coat the body and eye with a UV cure product.

 Finish dressing the fly with tail and hackle.

Written and photographed by Brad Sprinkle
Special Assistance from Trashflies intern Bailey Sprinkle

Dedicated to my son Bailey. I love you.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

3 Dollar Flybox

I know many of you have seen the TV adds for the card organizer wallet. I got one as a gift awhile back. They are good for business cards. I kept looking at it though thinking it was the perfect size for a small stream flybox. Well I couldn't repurpose the gift. Despite wanting to :)

Today at the little grocery store they had a plastic knock off. Just $3.00 US. I got two.

Great size

Self sticking closed cell foam sheet cut to fit.

A small box for a select few small stream flies. Shirt pocket sized.

Feedback appreciated. Comment I dare you :)

 Dedicated to my son. I love you.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dubbing dispenser on the cheap

OK. You have sunken further than some in the realm of fly tying than you likely want admit. Your making your own dubbing correct? Blending fur and fiber or lord knows what. You want to use your bounty but you haven't a good way to store or dispense it at the vise. Well here's your answer.
Simply get a small beaders container at the craft sore or 'Wal Mart'. Costs $1.75 per.
Drill a hole in the bottom of each cell. Drill to size that suits you. Maybe 1/4"?
Load her up and to the bench you go. Simple as that.

Dedicate to my son. I love you.