Sunday, October 16, 2011

John Barr's Copper John gets the Trash Fly treatment.

John Barr is in my opinion one of the greats in the realm of fly tying. He is one I hold high. I bought his book, that ought to say a lot. One of his patterns I like and fish a lot is the 'Copper John'. This piece is dedicated to the Copper John and how some Trash Fly philosophy was applied to it.

Hook: #14 Nymph 2X
Bead: Brass
Weight: Lead wire medium
Tail: Biots Dark Brown
Flash: Strip of Krystal Flash
Wing-case: Stretch Body black. 
Abdomen: Wire from a broken pair of 'ear bud' style headphones
Thorax: Peacock Hurl

Note: The headphone wire is usually red, blue, and gold in one pair of headphones. I have also found green in some brands.

Took them to a Delayed Harvest stream a few counties over. The test was complete and intense. I caught a 'obscene number of fish'. :)

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