Friday, March 4, 2011

Calling All Tiers......

I would like to share this message I got today. "Hey everyone! I'm in the middle of putting our show (South Holston Fly Fishing Fest, a benefit for River's Way) together for this summer and looking for some tiers that would like to set up shop, meet other tiers, and just have fun showing the paying guests some tricks. We have dozens more spots this year as we've grown quite a bit from the last two years. Anyone wanting to tie just for kicks would not need to pay for a booth, but if you're wanting to sell flies/market yourself the price would be $100 for a booth. Date is Sat, Aug 13, and the event is in Bristol. Kelly Galloup, Joe Humphreys, and Beau Beasley will be the headliners. Email me or call if you're ineterested:"

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