Friday, September 30, 2011

Trash Fly Tools

I am going to focus on some ideas for DIY tools. Tools made from common items and 'trash'.

Hair Evener

Copper pipe and fittings.
Flair the tube with a common flaring tool.
Cut a small piece of the tube and slide in the barrel and glue at the bottom to make the step.

Tool Caddy that attaches to the shaft of the vise or similar fixture.

Tool Holder

Drill into soft plastic strip. In this case it was a scrap from a bathroom stall divider. Chamfer the top of the hole to make it easier to slide the most frequently used tools in.

Hurl stripping tool

White vinyl eraser cut with a circular punch. Fit a nail or screw into the middle. Quick way to take the fur off of hurl with a drill or drill press.

Like to hear your comments and thoughts.

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  1. Great blog! You've got some killer fly patterns and some all around cool ideas for using everyday items in flyfishing. I'll be following along....Jeff