Sunday, September 20, 2009

Multi-Vise Base

Decided that the two odd sized vises were gonna be a major problem I bought two more simple vises. That equaled the height of each station out.

The idea is mostly for Buggers and such flies I usually use or give away a lot.

Did my first test of four. Laid out my materials and tool on the base of the 'carousel'. (Remember I went to school to be a Mfg Engineer.) Started each step four times in turn. Surprising it went smoothly and quickly. Henry Ford might have just had something with that assembly line gimmick

I've done a dozen with it in 3 sets. Not all at once. I can't sit that long.

I doubt it will be all that great for dries with hackle, new patterns, or overly complicated patterns. Still like my rotary.

See potential for flies that have glue, lacquer, or UV adhesive that need cure times between steps.

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