Monday, November 24, 2014

Ear Plug Egg

As a younger soul I had the privileged to teach Industrial Safety as a graduate student at university. That experience planted a deep growing seed of personal safety in my mind or it scared me mentally for life. Either way I am a big consumer of personal perspective equipment.

One lasting idea from those days is to save my hearing. Thus as a consequence I wear ear plugs around every loud chore I do. By that there is always a stray ear plug in the change dish, laundry, or under the edge of the bed. Those lonely strays have sparked a couple of thoughts. Previously a ear plug as a 'popper's' head. Worked with a measure of success.

With a idea behind me it seemed like there was more that could be 'Trash Flied' with those lonely ear plugs.

Then it hit me, or more so I say someone on a outdoor show making 'bait rigs' with a float ahead of the hook. It looked like a egg bead. Those had become the rage in the Alaskan north over time. Well then lets make a 'Ear Plug Egg'. The following is that pattern.

Hook: # 8 Mustad Egg Hook
Egg: Recycled Ear Plug
Adhesive: Krazy Glue

Step 1
Select a ear plug that has the eggy colors you are looking for. Be aware that ear plugs are avliable other place beside industrial application. Drug stores carry them as well as noisy sporting events.

Step 2
Shape the ear plug the size and rough shape you desire. Some multi-colored products have the colors through the materials.

Step 3
Select a hook for the tie. Remeber trout have a tendancy to swallow eggs deeply. Pick a hook big enough to help discourage harming the fish. Also pinch that barb down.

Step 4

Slide the ear plug foam onto the bare hook shank. Place the hook in the vise. Slide the foam toward the bend of the hook. Apply a drop of glue behind the hook eye and slide the foam back to it's desired spot.

The egg can be shaped with scissors more at this point. Making the egg to perfect may appeal to the angler more than to the fish itself. Leave it a little uneven and jagged. The idea is a clump of roe.

This would probably work with a yarn veil also.

Try it and tell how it worked for you. Like to hear 'you all's' comments.

Dedicated to my son. I love you.

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  1. Great idea! I have a tool bag full of muti-colored ear plugs just waiting to be re-purposed...think I've found my secondary use.